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October 8th, 2009

Read any respectable SEO site and they’ll strongly recommend making sure that you have all your sitemap pages.

Sitemap pageS?

  • HTML Sitemap page – This looks like your other web pages, with a description of all your site pages with links.
  • Text Sitemap page – This is for Yahoo who prefer text sitemaps.
  • XML Sitemap – This is for Google who prefer XML sitemaps.

You may not know, but as well as, I also run 10′s of other sites. Making sitemaps “by hand” can be tedious. So I have had some scripts written up to automate the process.

I am currently having the finishing touches put to an automated and comprehensive sitemap generator … but very recently I had an XML sitemap script updated on one of my sites here: XML Sitemap Generator

It is extremely easy to use …

  1. Type in your website URL
  2. Type in the date your website was last updated (or today’s date!)
  3. Choose from the drop-down menu how often your website is likely to be updated in the future (daily; weekly; monthly …)
  4. Choose the “Priority” of the URL – Search engines use this information when selecting between URL’s on the same site
  5. Click the “Generate XML Sitemap” button

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for your Free XML Sitemap.

I have had the script tested and checked and the results validate perfectly.

However I do strongly suggest that you check your results here:

The reason being that some characters such as “?” can cause problems in XML, and will make your sitemap unreadable.

Next simply save the output file as sitemap.xml and upload to your website (remembering to link to it from your home page!).

Now go and update your websites!

Vic Carrara

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